Chiroflow Pillow

Did you ever go to sleep and wake up feeling tired and not refreshed? Your pillow might be the one to blame.


Your pillow has a lot to do with how you sleep overall. Check this video to learn more.

Studies have shown that using an adequate pillow at night boosts your overall sleep quality and eliminates neck pain.

The Chiroflow Pillow’s Waterbase allows you to customize the level of comfort by simply adding or removing water from it. It enables you to choose between a soft, medium or firm surface to rest on.

What makes it work?

These are the essential components of the pillow:

  1. A deep cushion of hypoallergenic polyester fiber that rests over the waterbase layer for luxurious comfort.
  2. A thermal insulator that surrounds the waterbase layer (in order to prevent heat loss from the head).
  3. The easy to fill waterbase ( this waterbase provides proper cervical support all night long by automatically responding to head movement as you sleep through the night.)

*This is an example to better understand how the waterbase aids your comfort and secures your spine through the night.

Chiroflow Pillow

Why is this pillow for you?

  • It’s a new source of wellness ( improved quality of sleep will reduce signs of aging, will improve coping skills and will sharpen your reaction time)
  • It reduces neck pain intensity (in a clinical study conducted at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Chiroflow ranked best of all pillows tested)
  • It’s generously portioned ( most cervical pillows are under sized to cut costs. Chiroflow fits standard AND queen pillowcases with it’s jumbo size 20’x 28′)
  • The waterbase responds to your head movement (no more waking up with neck pain and to fluff and re-stuff. As you change sleeping position through the night, one element doesn’t change – that is the level of cervical support you’re receiving which remains the same)
  • It’s fully adjustable to any desire (Your pillow can be soft, medium or firm, it all depends on your desire. Either way you will receive the same proper cervical support and the best sleep you gotten in years)

How to set up your desired comfort level

Chiroflow is easy and fast to set up (in under 3 minutes) in order to have the best sleep. Watch the video below.

For choosing between soft, medium or firm you simply have to follow these tips and you're ready to go.

Chiroflow Water Adding Instructions