TENS 3000

TENS 3000

Looking for the cure to muscle soreness, back pain, abdominal injures and much more? Now you can take action and relieve the pain like a pro with Tens 3000


Tens 3000 is a portable yet powerful device.
It comes with 3 modes: (B) Burst, (N) Constant and (M) Modulation that you can switch between as you feel.
Besides the modes you can also fine tune the pulse width and pulse rate from the two dials situated on the front of the machine so that it feels just right.

Being a dual channel machine, it allows for separate intensity controls per channel. Each channel enables you to use 2 pads, so you have a total of 4 pads to help ease your pain.

This feature is useful for example when you’re treating your back.
In normal conditions you would put 2 pads on your back (from the same channel) one on each side of your back.
However if the pain is slightly worse on one of the sides, you may decide to increase the intensity on that side. This is where the second channel comes into play, enabling you to apply the desired treatment separately for each part of your back.

Recommendation: – Doctors recommend a maximum treatment of 30 minutes, no more than 3 times per day.
The machine has 3 options to choose from:
-a fixed session of 15 minutes
-a fixed session of 30 minutes
-option of running it on continuous

Running it continuous might be good sometimes but pay attention not to overuse your machine.
Most people undergo a 15 minute session in order to ease the pain.