Sit and Decompress

Sit and Decompress

Did you know that you could make your back pain go away after just 1 week of Sit and Decompress therapy? A healthy spine awaits you.

Nowadays most of people have sedentary jobs, they sit up to 8 hours per day with very little movement.

Sitting creates tension on your lower back, it compresses your spine and weakens your muscles.

This may lead to all sorts of medically related spine problems which can seriously affect you on many levels.

People who have jobs that require them to be on their feet all day are not much better off either. Walking and standing all the time often has the same effects upon the spine as sitting for 8 hours. It compresses your back, creates tension which you start to feel after a few hours of standing.

Sit and Decompress comes to your aid with a simple yet effective way to decompress your spine, help keep your back muscles toned and protect you from all the complications that arise when you neglect your spine.

Often times, surgery is the only remedy for back and spinal problems but these tend to be very costly, painful and not always the answer.

Using Sit and Decompress a few minutes per day can help your back to correct the problem before it’s too late.

Sit and Decompress

Upwards to 25% increase in disc space…

using this method 10 minutes per day  – medical study results

Sit and Decompress is good for you if :

  • you work while sitting down for long periods of time
  • you work while standing for long periods of time
  • you have lower back pain
  • you have spinal medical conditions
  • you have had major back surgery done
  • you are recuperating from a back injury or surgery
  • you desire to have a strong and healthy spine

This therapy is the new industry standard to reduce low back pain and improve spine health. Also by applying this cheap, fast and easy to do therapy at home you are also helping make the chiropractor or physical therapist treatments more efficient. You only need to invest a few minutes per day and your back will be grateful forever.

Sit and Decompress is the therapy that makes taking care of your back easy, inexpensive and gives you results in a short time with only a few minutes per day.

Below you find a few conditions that improve with Decompression Therapy

Forget about back problems, forget about costly and sometimes frightening procedures… and finally, very expensive treatments!

All you have to do is set-up your Sit and Decompress kit and do this therapy for a few minutes per day each day. Results will come and you will start feeling better within the 1st week!

We recommend that you start with 5 minutes of therapy to assess your condition and get used to the feeling of relaxation and stretching. In these 5 minutes you will have to stay in a neutral stance which will allow you to settle into spinal decompression.

As soon as 5 minutes become easier, increase your time by a couple of minutes per session. 

Your body knows what you need, just listen to it! If you feel sore, then your body is sending you a message to back off a bit and reduce the therapy time. Don’t forget, the goal is not the number of minutes you apply this therapy, but rather how good your back is feeling!

As your back gets stronger, you will end up using Sit and Decompress for 10 minutes. When you reach this level you will want to use different stances by moving your feet. Instructions are included and will provide an outline of different stances you can apply in order to maximize your therapy.

Using Sit and Decompress with give you a feeling of isolated stretch that you probably did not experience until now… this is the best that Spinal Decompression can offer!

Just contact us and get your Sit and Decompress harness today! *chin-up bar not included