How to Register for MedicFusion Billing System

MedicFusion Patient PortalGet Registered for our New Billing System!

Evanston Chiropractic Center is currently changing medical billing systems. Initially this may seem a little chaotic but eventually we feel that this new system will strongly benefit both us and you as our patients!

This new system is primarily on the Internet and eventually we need to have everyone signed up.

The Benefits of the MedicFusion Patient Portal

You can log on at home and update your records, complete forms in real time and accomplish many other tasks that our office may require to receive the best service, these benefits include:

  • Saves Time – up to 20 or 30 minutes on a first visit
  • Securely view your health information
  • Review recent visits and history
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Access your records and share with any future medical professionals of your choice

Here’s How to Get Started

We are asking that all of our patients:

  1. Get registered on the MedicFusion patient portal by clicking here.
  2. Please fill in your First Name, Last Name and Pin Number – Call our office so we can give you your personal Pin number if you haven’t received it from us already or if you are having any trouble registering. Call us at (307) 789-4957.
  3. Please enter all of the information requested from the website; especially your demographics, consent forms, and health history. This allows us to give you the very best care possible.

If you are already registered, please login here.

Thank you so much for your time! Again, once established in the system this will be a benefit to all patients and staff!