The Well Adjusted Club

What is the Well Adjusted Club?

A membership that applies to new patients and also to current patients, provided that they are grandfathered into this agreement.

Benefits include:

  • $20.00 Discount for initial exam to become established.
  • A select group of therapies included in the price of adjusted treatment. Those therapies are:

– Intersegmental traction – Roller table (usually $17.50)
– Massage Chair
– Heat or Ice (usually $14.00)

One therapy per treatment only. You may purchase additional therapies at regular price if you desire more than one for that date of service.

  • One flat rate of $40 for the most common levels of adjustment.
  • All X-rays are 20% off.
  • You’re eligible for wellness package discounts which also include:

– Decompression for the Lumbar or Cervical Spine
– Bulk treatment packages
– Sound and light therapy with tens specific and oils

  • Other therapies not listed cost more and are not included in the membership treatment cost. These include but are not limited to the following:

– Laser ($5-$10)
– Rapid Release myofacial treatment ($17.50)
– Acupuncture of any type ($30-$60)
– Cervical Decompression ($17.50)
– Lumbar Decompression ($17.50)
– Tens specific Frequency treatment ($17.50)
– Sound and light therapy ($15)
– Pivotal vibration therapy ($15)
– Kinesio taping ($6-$9)
– And any other therapies that were not included in the list above under ” Membership Provided Benefits”

You can purchase an unlimited amount of therapies but only use one per treatment.

As a member you will also agree to :

  1. Pay all fees due at the time of service.
  2. Understand that this contract will supersede all contracts between Evanston Chiropractic Center and your insurance company/companies.
  3. Pay a $20 Membership fee in order to join.

For complete details, feel fee to download the contract here and/or please give us a call at (307) 789-4957 to answer any questions that you may have.