What is a Subluxation Thermoscan?

What is Subluxation and How Does the Insight™ Thermoscan Help?

Our Insight thermoscan is another method to help us locate where subluxations exist in a patient’s spine. This is done by measuring the temperate on each side of the spine. A temperature fluctuation from side to side is an indicator that the nervous system is not functioning equally on each side and is therefore asymmetrical. We also have other tools to help us discover subluxation.

For example, we can look at muscle balance through surface EMG. We can also look at your pulsewave profile since the nervous system controls pulse width and its characteristics.

Additionally, hands on palpation, x-rThermo Scanay, range of motion, and postural analysis all help us find subluxation patterns in the spine. This will help us determine the need for ongoing treatment.