1-2 Punch Neck Curve Correction


1-2 Punch Neck Curve CorrectionLooking to correct cervical or lumbar problems? Or maybe just to exercise your neck so that you can stay healthy?

                                              Look no further. We have exactly what you need. In order to stay safe or to restore proper sagittal plane spinal curvature, chiropractors recommend you use a series of exercises and equipment.

Clinical trials produced significant improvement in x-rays for the majority of patients following this protocol with chiropractic adjustments 3 times a week!

There are 2 tools you can use to achieve a perfect neck and back posture:

  1. The Pro Lordodic Neck Exerciser – Helps stretch out thinning degenerating discs, breaking up scar tissue and allowing them to absorb surrounding blood to rehydrate.  It also helps improve head posture, chronic neck pain, and headaches.A way of achieving good results is to work out daily and to slowly raise the number of reps up to 50 per day.

    Lordodic Neck Exerciser Lordodic Neck ExerciserEvanstonChiropracticCenter

    Important to remember
    :Too many reps too soon will cause soreness.
    Don’t forget that if you’re too sore you can always use ice!
  2. The Denneroll – Helps restore proper sagittal plane spinal curvature and correct other conditions.  Using this at home means faster, better results, which translates to less pain, more flexibility, and improved function.

    The DennerollDenneroll

    Instructions for Denneroll:

    There is a protocol in the Denneroll box to follow and chart your progress.The denneroll will be placed on the floor and you will lay back with worst part of your neck curve on the highest part of the roll.  Let the roll hold your neck while you try to get your head to touch the floor.

    Don’t forget to ice if you get sore!

To help you on your journey here are a few internet resources to help instruct you to use the Pro Lordodic Neck Exerciser and Denneroll:

Don’t forget the Denneroll instructions in the box!  They have a protocol lined up with a chart for you to keep track of your progress.

We also have other supportive products and supplements to help with pain and joints during the neck curve correction process:

  • 1TDC Pills and Cream for joint flexibility
  • Liquid Glucosamine for joint health
  • Ice Packs to help reduce soreness
  • CryoDerm for pain relief1
  • Turmeric with Curcumin as a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Pain Terminator patches to infuse herbal pain relief