Turmeric 800mg Curcuma Longa (root) (Dee Cee Laboratories)

Turmeric 800mg Curcuma Longa (root) (Dee Cee Laboratories)

Do you know how to protect your skin from aging? Or your digestive & liver health ? TURMERIC 800 mg Curcuma Longa (root) from Dee Cee Laboratories has you covered.

TURMERIC 800 mg Curcuma Longa (root) contains a very rich supply of antioxidants that supply you with the best nutritional support for your digestive, liver and skin health.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a common spice used in almost all curry dishes that became a very popular herbal supplement once its beneficial results were discovered.

Turmeric supplement fact


How to use: Take one tablet of  Turmeric 800mg Curcuma Longa (root) 2 times per day, everyday preferably with meals . IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR NURSING  DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT!

What does Turmeric 800mg Curcuma Longa (root) do for you?

  • Nutritionally Supports your Digestive Health, Liver Health and Skin Health
  • Naturally Contains Curcumin
  • Free Radical Fighting Antioxidant
  • Gluten Free