Back Wrap

Back Wrap

Does your back give up on you when you push your limits? Or does just randomly freeze? Eliminate the pain your back experiences in just two simple steps

Have you ever done one rep too many? Bent over to reach something in a wrong way? or ended up completely frozen by a back spasm?
If so, then you know the excruciating pain that only back pain can deliver.

The persistent pulsating pain can put you down to your knees – and taking a break to lie down only stiffens what already hurts.

Let us present a better solution to this.

The Back Wrap we offer is generously sized and come to your aid with fast, penetrating relief for all your back sections. And when we say generously sized, we mean 17″ x 6.75″ of pure pain eliminator.
Being it upper, mid or low back pain, the Back Wrap can make it disappear.

Also thanks to the adjustable strap that keeps the back wrap comfortably in place, it can also be perfectly used for abdominal cramps and muscle tenderness even on large areas of the body.

Need it to provide you with cold or maybe hot therapy? Freight not it can do both – just chill it in the fridge/freezer or microwave it.

The temperature you set for your pack will last for a full 20 minutes so that you have enough time to numb the pain with cold therapy or help release those knotted muscles using some good heat therapy.
Either way you will feel a big relief in no time.

The back wrap is perfect for:

  • Lower back pain
  • Mid range back pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Torso injuries
  • Mid section injuries
  • Ham pulls
  • Quad pulls
  • and even more…

Some quick and useful tips for easy use:

Heat therapy:  Depending on your Microwave’s output you will need to heat the Back Wrap for :

  • 65 seconds (700 Watt Microwave)
  • 55 seconds (1000 Watt Microwave)
  • 45 seconds (1250 Watt Microwave)
    We recommend that after this initial heating you test to see if your desired temperature has been reached. If not, then you need to heat it for an additional 5 seconds until your desired temperature is reached.

Cold therapy:  Freeze of at least 2 hours before usage.

Doctor recommendation :
The Back Wrap should be applied to skin for a recommended time of 20 minutes.

Remove and wait at least 20 minutes before reapplying.
Reapply pack for 20 more minutes, if needed.