X-Rays – An Important Discovery

  • X-Rays – An Important Discovery

X-Rays Are an Important Tool Used in our Office

We have an x-ray machine which allows us the ability to have onsite x-ray evaluation.  This is important because physical exam alone cannot always give you the information you need to treat spinal problems.  After performing an examination it may be determined that in order to better understand the condition we may need x-rays.

I have observed that spinal diagnosis can often be improper because of the lack of use of x-rays.  X-rays can demonstrate with clarity problems such as osteoarthrosis, scoliosis, congenital malformities, spinal fractures, spinal misalignment, and leg length discrepancies affecting the posture.  These are all diagnoses that are important to understand before rendering chiropractic treatment.  Through x-ray and radiographic discovery a better treatment can be rendered, enhancing your results and improving your outcome.